About us

Who we are

The company LAMIVEX s.r.o. is a family company, which originated from the Eva Mikešová Joinery and has been operating on the Czech market since 1992. Today the company is one of the largest manufacturers of laminate furniture in the Czech Republic.

With the establishment of LAMIVEX s.r.o. in 2003, production moved to Strakonice, located near the borders with Austria and Germany, which gave the company a certain advantage. The newly built hall of about 5,000 m² contained both production and storage areas, as well as administrative facilities.

In 2014, the warehouse was moved to a newly established branch in Strakonice. This freed up additional space for new machines and created the possibility of further development of production. 

Thanks to extensive production facilities and a variety of production machines, LAMIVEX s.r.o. is able to produce a wide range of serial furniture, home accessories, upholstered furniture and customized atypical furniture.

The concept of the company is guided by the following basic rules: 

široký sortiment
Wide range of products
příznivé ceny
Favourable prices
Vysoká kvalita
High quality
Rychlost dodáni
Speed of delivery

The company strives to continuously improve and implement the latest trends in furniture. Currently, the company focuses mainly on automating production and continuously improving the quality of the products supplied.


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